Nilufar Addati stars in the TV commercial for Olaz, as part of the #Fearless campaign celebrating women's empowerment.

The #Fearless campaign by OLAZ continues with a new, great media wave to celebrate real and natural women, those who are not afraid of being judged or considered excessive in their way of simply expressing themselves and pursuing their own path not caring of the judgments of others.

After the success of the #Fearless movement born and flared up on social media since February 2019, it resumes, even more strongly, this current that invests the female world, protagonist of a multichannel campaign with a video poster, three ambassadors and a product video.

Nilufar Addati, Influencer and Ambassador for the OLAZ Eyes line, has always been defined "TOO MUCH OF A DREAMER" in this world full of disillusioned people who continually tell her to keep her feet on the ground: “Being #Fearless for me means being a proud dreamer. I think no one has the right to tell us how we should live our life and take away the freedom to pursue our dreams and desires ... because let's face it, when we manage to make a dream come true, that moment has a unique, different flavour. And even if a dream does not come true, it is still a constructive moment and not a moment of destruction. I decide my life ".